Tesla Model Y Autopilot Highway Driving With No Radar

Tesla owner and YouTube influencer DaxM was arguably the first to produce and promote a video showing a Tesla driving with no radar. He took delivery of his Model Y recently and learned that it was built after April 27, 2021, so it’s relying on cameras and pure vision alone, rather than radar.

Since he released the first video, DaxM has gotten back to work creating more, and it has moved other Tesla owners to join the bandwagon. DaxM makes it clear that he has not paid for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta package, so his tests are just testing Autopilot, which includes all of Tesla’s advanced driver-assist systems.

The Model Y in the video is a 2021 model with software build 2021.4.18.1. This particular video focuses on Autopilot driving on the highway. DaxM’s previous videos provided an overview of the pure vision approach, along with some basic tests, as well as a test of the safety features on city streets.

As always, DaxM provides a helpful list of the topics covered, along with their respective timestamps:

0:00 Intro
1:24 New Firmware
2:31 Autopilot on Highway
3:46 Cameras Seeing other Cars
4:07 Camera Distance Limited
4:44 Phantom Braking
6:52 Y shaped roadway
7:36 Radar Limitations
9:08 Chapter Searching in ALL videos
10:24 Montreal Drivers 🙂
11:25 Conclusion

Give the video a watch to see if there’s anything new you can learn about Tesla’s new vision-only approach. Once you’ve watched, head down to the comment section to start a conversation. This topic definitely deserves plenty of dialogue from car lovers and EV experts in the field.

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